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by on March 17, 2019
Ram 3500 Heavy Duty models geared up with the 1,000 lb.-ft. excessive output Cummins 6.7-liter Turbo Diesel make use of the Aisin AS69RC electronically managed six-pace automatic. This transmission is engineered to handle the colossal torque of the Turbo Diesel engine and increased vehicle weight ratings whereas delivering improved shift high quality. Together with hardware upgrades, the Aisin AS69RC makes use of a new transmission controller with double the memory of the earlier controller and a dual-core processor. This delivers quicker, more precise shifts below all driving and loading conditions. For more information: sites
see postat greatest to make smoke your gonna wanna throw a tuner on it. i recommend a smarty junior, theyre good for 70-90hp over stock with 4 settings inventory, 70,eighty,90. theyll give you a noticable increase in energy, and improve your gasoline mileage. so far as transmissions go its up within the air if the stock one will maintain up to any power over stock. every thing else will likely be high quality. I recommend investing in a set of gauges Increase, EGT, and trans temp. your going to spend $600 complete on gauges and the tuner but youll be glad you probably did.
I have a 12 350 DRW KR with the 3.seventy three rear end. I've beloved the truck for our first 9K miles in 3 months and have seen a drop currently all the way down to about 15 mpg on the town driving carefully empty. I am satisfied adding Ford's anti-gel during these chilly months and the truck just takes soo much longer to get to optimum warm temps and so forth. is pulling it down. Highway, I am nonetheless up around 17.three on the freeway empty. For more information: sites
This RT software program lets you program on the fly together with adjusting the timing, period, VGT, and rail strain. Once you press the program" button, the system works routinely and includes transmission tuning for inventory transmission in 2010-2017 fashions. 6.7s are good, quite a bit better when deleted however the sixty eight tranny is weaker than the 48s if you're wanting to make massive power. in case you are simply wanting a better performing DD truck make sure the tuner you go along with has the tranny secure tunes so you do not tear stuff up. For more information: sites
Most diesel pickups are used for towing or carrying heavy loads; therefore, the desire for more horsepower, torque and efficiency. The Edge Evolution CS2 unlocks the potential of your diesel engine. Once you purchase the CS2 you may be questioning how you ever lived with out this amazing tuner. The CS2 reprograms your inventory computer with a couple of button pushes with your finger for higher horse energy, torque and quite frankly, awesomeness.
H quarter-mile MPH; peak engine temperature, RPM, speed and transmission temperature values. Sounds audible alerts when user-outlined values are reached and robotically information the best worth of key parameters. For more information: sites
The Ford-constructed 6.7L Energy Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel has been tops in efficiency in its class. However that did not satisfy the Ford powertrain engineers who worked to make it even better. The 6.7L Energy Stroke within the 2015 Tremendous Responsibility® is extra powerful than ever and continues to deliver its best-in-class efficiency. Gas financial system is class-leading too.
These bumps in energy signify a gain of eighty five lb-ft. of torque and forty horsepower over the outgoing Navistar unit, but also feature sizable positive factors in fuel economic system (now best-in-class) and decrease cost of possession. The 6.four-liter Energy Stroke was suffering from a poor designed that require cab-off repairs for most problems, however Ford says the new unit will enable servicing to the turbocharger, EGR (exhaust fuel recirculation) cooler and excessive-pressure fuel pump with out removing the cab - saving money and time for both automobile owners and warranty claims alike.